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Servo Drive

100% Servo-Driven system delivers higher OEE and lower operating costs than traditional labelers.

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SYNAPSE Adhesive Extrusion System

All adhesive applied only to labels—no waste, no drips, no slinging, no contaminated glue, cleaning.

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QUANTUM™ Label Cutting System

QUANTUM™ Label Cutting System delivers higher efficiency, more uptime, and lower maintenance costs than traditional cutters.

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New Generation Labeling

PROTOS unites multiple NEW GENERATION technologies to deliver the most efficient, high performance labeler available today.

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  • 100% Servo-driven and Touchscreen HMI Controlled. PROTOS is digitally synchronized by Mitsubishi servo motors and matched control platform that incorporates the fastest scan time, signal processing and deterministic motion control available. Mitsubishi Servo Motors lead the industry in speed (2.5 KHZ) and cycle time (.22ms). Paired with the fastest Deterministic Motion Protocol, SSCNET3+, with 150 Meg Full Duplex data transmission servo network. The CPU’s, Q06UDVCPu is second, only to the new iQ-R Mitsubishi PLC.
  • Leading Edge Computer Technology aligned with Servo Versatility make label applications that were only dreamed about possible today. Servo motor controlled PULSAR tension system provides constant tension allowing feed rollers to present the proper label length to the QUANTUM cutter at speeds up to 700 a minute. The servo controlled cutter precisely cuts labels at exact cut-off points. Seamless transfer of labels to the all metal vacuum drum is also assured by servo motor control.
  • No Costly Re-padding Required on All Metal Applicator Drum. The precision aligned and servo controlled applicator drum requires no costly, time consuming re-padding.
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  • Precise Label Placement Plus No Noxious Adhesive Fumes or Waste. PROTOS breakthrough SYNAPSE adhesive extrusion application system eliminates constant fumes from heated glue rollers as well as repeated loss of production time resulting from glue stringing and contamination. The hot melt strip applied to the leading edge of the label ensures a precise and positive transfer to rotating containers. Because containers are rotating during application, labels are stretched to fit smoothly. The trailing edge is then precisely glued to secure labels to container. All at speeds up to 700 a minute.
  • Intuitive Changeover, Easy-to-Use Control at Your Fingertips. PROTOS provides for exceptionally quick and accurate change over to additional bottles sizes and labels. The HMI stores multiple recipe formats. Simply select a pre-programmed recipe and PROTOS servo motors do most of the work allowing bottle handling parts to be changed
  • Small Footprint. Ergonomic Design. PROTOS is ergonomically designed for efficiency, accuracy and speed. The simple layout uses 50% less valuable floor space than conventional rotary machines making it easy to fit into any line configuration. PROTOS components are easily accessible and simple to operate and maintain.