Karmen is a utility player on the Elum team, managing everything from design and assembly to shipping. A member of the team since June 2015, he is instrumental in the PROTOS production process and ensures the rest of the team is set up for success. 

“I feel the most joy when we are able to come up with solutions for challenges in the industry. We have a drive to keep improving and innovating. The answer is always ‘yes’ to whatever challenge comes next,” Karmen shares. 

Karmen believes PROTOS will continue to be a game changer and create an impact in the roll-fed labeling industry. “I am most interested in seeing the impact on reusable or recyclable containers. With the way PROTOS controls the application of glue, we minimize the amount used on the container while still having a strong enough adhesion to keep the label on throughout the rest of the process.” 

Stay tuned for what Karmen and the team will accomplish next as they continue to innovate and provide future-forward solutions within the labeling industry.