Get to Know Elum CEO, Lyn Bright

Lyn Bright is a seasoned label industry expert with a drive to create new possibilities and solutions for food and beverage companies. 

Lyn’s passion for problem solving and innovation has been a constant in his career. In his years working for the family business, B&H Labeling Systems, he was involved in the industry transition to PET bottles. Lyn’s team solved the issues with the initial PET bottle label designs by developing the technology for film labels applied with adhesive. This was a catalyst to the explosive popularity of plastic bottles.  

Following that success, Lyn set up distribution systems and sold labelers in over 50 countries. And after a short retirement, he decided his work was not done. Lyn brought together the best of the best to address a need for change in the labeling industry as existing machines’ issues were being fixed by improving old technology. The newly formed Elum team wanted to start from a “clean piece of paper” and develop a new machine that would solve old industry issues like glue waste, oily chains, increased maintenance and downtime. 

Their commitment to creating the next generation bottle labeler resulted in PROTOS, the world’s first 100% servo-driven, roll-fed, wrap-around labeler. A single labeling solution engineered for efficiency, accuracy and speed. 

Lyn and the Elum team continue to develop and perfect PROTOS, always in pursuit of creating positive change and leaving a lasting impact on the labeling industry.