Get to Know Director of Engineering, Ranbir Claire

Ranbir Claire is a labeling industry veteran with over 40 years of experience. He joined forces with longtime colleague and friend, Elum CEO Lyn Bright, for the love of the industry.

“I enjoy the industry and what we do,” Ranbir shared. “I also like being a mentor to young engineers and giving them hands-on experience here at Elum.”

Ranbir and his team have been involved in every stage of PROTOS’s development, from R&D to its latest generation.

He firmly believes in PROTOS’s ability to positively impact the industry he loves so much. “The whole machine is leading-edge technology; it is the latest technology,” he shared. “We created the only equipment that is 100% servo-driven. And with our glue extrusion nozzle, we are the only ones that have proved it in the industry. There are no fumes with the glue, which is more environmentally friendly.”

Stay tuned for what Ranbir and the team accomplish as they define what’s next for roll-fed labeling.