Elum and USHydrations Partnership Results in Record-Breaking Efficiency 

Here at Elum Inc., we are committed to replacing and revolutionizing outdated technology in the labeling and manufacturing industries. We are excited to share our partnership with USHydrations, and their success with our premier product, PROTOS, which has proven to be a true game-changer. 

As one of the largest players in the beverage contract manufacturing business,
USHydrations is an ideal partner. USHydrations has served some of the most
prominent national and global brands for over 25 years. With an immense amount of
growth in the last few years, they have made substantial capital investments
to improve manufacturing capabilities and capacities. Elum is proud to have
been part of these upgrades, introducing PROTOS into the USHydrations operation.

Joe Peters, USHydrations VP of Operations & Engineering says, “PROTOS has really carried the load on our line; the machine that it runs with is older and slower. We’ve broken our production records several times over the past year. We continue to break records on that line because PROTOS performs so well and so consistently.” 

USHydration also shared their appreciation for PROTOS’ precise servo motors and patented adhesive extrusion system. 

“The advantages keep coming with the Servos; they’re so precise,” Peters said. “You’re not having to retime it; it’s all servo-driven so your set points are your set points. You don’t have to manipulate them based on chain stretch and wear on sprockets and gears.”

“This extruded glue system has completely changed all of the typical downtime issues that you would have. It makes operation very easy and very clean. It reduces the amount of glue that we use because we don’t have a big glue pattern,” Peters explained.  

The power of PROTOS is realized in the game-changing results and improved performance USHydrations has experienced.