Here at Elum Inc., we have a relentless drive to outperform our boldest ideas.
We are an elite team of designers, mechanical engineers, motion control specialists, label and glue experts, and manufacturing professionals with over 180 years of combined experience in packaging machinery. We are problem solvers, thinking two steps ahead to create the future forward products our industry demands.

Our premier product, PROTOS is an outcome of just that. PROTOS is the world’s first 100% servo-driven, roll-fed, wrap-around labeler. A single labeling solution engineered for efficiency, accuracy, and speed. Saving space. Cutting costs. Reducing waste. Surpassing all others. PROTOS is responsive to tomorrow’s industry needs, and revolutionary for today’s business. Because we believe our true competition is yesterday’s thinking. Daring to think ahead – it’s how Elum has come to represent the best, and define what’s next.


Unparalleled Service and Support

Every ELUM solution is backed by our US-based on site support and US-based remote support team. Speak directly to our engineers who work with you to answer any questions or concerns about your machine – solving your problems efficiently and effectively. We provide sales, service and support in English and Spanish.

Focus on Your Needs—Efficiency, Accuracy, Ergonomics, Costs and Uptime

The ELUM team targeted these main areas: the drive train, adhesive system, changeover and machine design. Learn More about PROTOS Design & Technology. Traditional drive trains, gears and chains are obsolete. ELUM eliminated the mechanical nerve center found in other labelers and replaced it with advanced servos and HMI controls which provide faster, more precise motion control and response to commands—all while using less energy. PROTOS’ servo under-cabinet is uncluttered, clean and accessible — a dramatic change from cramped, oily cabinets on other roll-fed labelers. Maintenance, operational problems, and mechanical adjustments and troubleshooting are dramatically reduced. PROTOS is the worlds first 100% servo-driven roll-fed labeler.  Learn more about PROTOS Mitsubishi Servos Advantages.

Hazardous fumes and glue waste have been eliminated by the SYNAPSE closed, non-recirculating adhesive extrusion system. SYNAPSE accurately applies extruded adhesive directly on each passing label in the position and volume set on the HMI—no glue slinging, dripping or baking onto nearby components. No waste or downtime for cleaning. Learn more about the SYNAPSE Adhesive Extrusion System. 

High performance comes in small packages. PROTOS has a smaller footprint than other linear or rotary machines, making it an easy replacement for outdated labelers or addition to new lines. PROTOS’ elegant layout uses 50% less valuable floor space than conventional rotary machines.  Every component was designed to be accessible and easy to operate and maintain.