100% Servo-Controlled. Mechanical movement in the PROTOS is digitally synchronized by a Mitsubishi control platform that incorporates the fastest scan time, signal processing and deterministic motion control available.

ELUM jettisoned the analog drive trains found on outdated roll-fed labelers with precision servo-drives. Without sprockets and chains to grease, tighten, repair and replace, maintenance cost and downtime are slashed. Servo motors use significantly less energy than the electric motors used on the old, analog drive trains.

The Mitsubishi servo-motors on PROTOS feature a mean time between failure (MTBF) of 100,000 hours. If damaged, the new motors are self-learning, providing fast, plug-and-play replacement. Mitsubishi supports its motors with a 12-month warranty from the date of installation at the premises of the end-user.

The Mitsubishi PLC stores multiple format recipes. Simply select a pre-programmed format recipe on the HMI, and the machines makes the necessary set-up adjustments. PROTOS eliminates time-consuming mechanical adjustments, accelerates changeover, and prevents errors.

Label Tensioning System.

Relying on the Mitsubishi servo-motors’ accuracy to 0.000086 degrees, PROTOS’ electronic label tensioning system provides unprecedented control of the label web. Combined with a web tracker device, the system ensures accurate registration of the label web, prevents the label web from stretching, provides flawless label transfer and reduces scrap caused by mis-feeds.

Label Cutting System.

The patented, mono-block cutting yoke on PROTOS has fewer parts, ensures perfect orientation of the cutter rollers, delivers longer blade life and also serves as a heat sink. Maintenance downtime is slashed because the innovative blade mounting mechanism provides for quick, easy and error-free blade positioning. Our special carbide knife blades maintain sharpness far longer than other types of cutters and produce a consistently better cut.

Revolutionary Applicator Drum.

The unique, solid metal vacuum drum on PROTOS does not require rubber pads. Performance and uptime are improved, since there are no pads to wear out and replace.

Adhesive Extrusion System.

PROTOS incorporates a patented adhesive extrusion system that applies glue in tightly controlled quantity and position tolerances. Adhesive of any viscosity is applied exactly where programmed. Electronic monitoring of glue pressure at the application nozzles controls leaks and waste. There is no excess glue to re-circulate, nor any messy accumulation of glue on the machine. The adhesive system also eliminates the emission of noxious hot-melt glue fumes, improving the work environment.

Patent-pending Discharge Mechanism.

PROTOS features a patent-pending star-wheel design that can be adjusted to control the container pitch at discharge. This enhances container stability and keeps your production line running smoothly.

Ergonomics & Safety.

PROTOS was designed by machine technicians, for machine technicians. The HMI is mounted on a swing-arm that allows operators to jog and run the machine from any position around the machine. The under-cabinet is uncluttered, clean and accessible, a noticeable change from the cramped, oily cabinets found on older roll-fed labelers. The electrical enclosure is rated NEMA 4x and neatly organized. Safety interlocks on the electrical enclosure and the upper guarding prevent accidents.

Performance PROTOS 45 PROTOS 70
Containers per minute 450 700
Containers per hour 27,000 42,000
Container diameter 3.81 – 12.45 cm
1½ – 4.9 in
3.81 – 7.37 cm
1½ – 2.9 in
Label length 12.70 – 40.01 cm
5 – 15¾ in
12.70 – 23.50 cm
5 – 9¼ in
Label width (maximum) 18.73 cm 7.375 in
technical PROTOS 45 PROTOS 70
Electrical 220/440 VAC
Phases 3 θ
Current 40 Amps
Cycles 50/60 Hz
Air Pressure 80 psi
PLC, servos, HMI (current) Mitsubishi
PLC, servos, HMI (future) (to be determined)

SMALLER FOOTPRINT in feet (meters)